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Our Shredding Services

paper shredding in Lynchburg


This is a one-time shredding service that we offer.

shredding services

Routine Services

This scheduled service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Our Products

24-inch Console

This is a 24 inch tall console and it can conveniently fit under a desk.  It can hold up to 70 pounds of paper and is great option when space is limited! Document Destruction Guaranteed! 

35-inch Console

This is a 35 inch tall standard console.  It can hold up to 90 pounds of paper and has many features to offer!

65-gallon Cart

Our 65-gallon cart can hold 230 pounds of material and is 42 1/3 " tall. Super cushion 10" wheels for extra quiet ride while the cart is full.

95-gallon Cart

A 95-gallon cart can hold up to 340 pounds of material and is 46 1/2 " tall.